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We're blowing the whistle and calling the penalty!

Your offer idea is the 5-star recruit that everyone is waiting to see in action

So why do you have it sitting on the sidelines? Get your offer off the bench with the Playbook that is sure to launch you to an easy win!

It feels like the clock is winding down and you aren't any closer to knowing what the game-winning play is.... that one play that will get you back in the lead. You feel stuck with a roster full of great ideas but nothing is coming off your bench.​

We've been there, done that, and gotten the participation trophy🏅.

But then we realized... just showing up isn't enough...​

We needed a real Playbook!

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What’s inside The Launch Playbook™?

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Module 1: The Fundamentals

As Michael Jordan once said, "Get the fundamentals

down and the level of everything you do will rise."

Your offer idea is great but can it be better? To start your launch plan on the right foot, we have to remember the fundamentals. In this module, we are getting crystal clear on your why, your goals, and the best strategy for YOU to successfully launch. Whether this is your first launch or your 50th, our unique launch breakdown will ensure you enter the game with an advantage



  • A specific launch strategy that is best for YOUR offer

  • Clearly defined launch goals (more than just the money goals)

  • Outline of WHO you should be targeting for your offer

  • A deeper understanding of launches

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Module 2: Draw up the Plays

They say failing to plan is planning to fail, so let us show you how to really plan your championship launch.

The pros will tell you that launching can be and should be easy. But without the plays drawn up, you'll never find the easy way to the finish line. In this module, we are preparing to put in work! This is the module where you learn to develop the dream team, write out all the X's and O's for your launch, and map out your timeline to best fit YOUR launch. The best part, this is our rinse and repeat practice plan so you are coming away building all future launches!



  • Play Options: A consistent launch task list to go with every launch no matter what your offer

  • A guide on how to build your launch dream team

  • Timeline layout based on launch type 

  • Team map to better decide who is doing what throughout the launch

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Module 3: Game Day!

You've trained, you've built the roster, now it's time to build the plays!

You've made it! Game day (launch timeline Day 1) will be here soon enough and you are more ready than ever! You’ve gone back to the fundamentals, and you’ve drawn up the plays, now it’s time to get in the game. Grab your clipboard and pen, or chalk and chalkboard, or marker and whiteboard, because the official Playbook outline is open. This launch framework will ensure that no steps are ever missed in your launches again and will put you on the fast track to a championship win.



  • A robust launch master framework (the official Playbook outline)

  • Equipment: A full list of the suggested best tech for your launch

  • Templates galore (social media copy, email copy, and so much more)

You’ve been on the sidelines watching for long enough. 

How much more time, money, and resources are you willing to waste?

How much longer are you going to trust 'winging it' when the championship playbook is here at your fingertips

We drew up all the plays for you, we are giving you the strategy key to winning, we are showing you how to set your dream team roster, and giving you so much more so you can ditch the participation awards and finally bring home the championship trophy

Imagine what it will be like when that course you offer twice a year launches without a hitch because you didn’t wait and try to go at this alone once again (even though you know it hasn't worked before). 

Imagine your team truly working as the dream team because they have clear, specific outlined tasks and they know it all WEEKS (if not months) in advance.

Imagine being able to have a rinse and repeat process sitting in your back pocket for every future offer you will launch

In The Launch Playbook™ you will walk away with a clear process that not only clarifies your offer, specifies your goals, and is truly the launch playbook you’ve been searching for, but you will gain time, money, and the confidence needed to ensure every launch is better than the last.


Let go of the stress and frustration from all your previous launches. With the click of a button, you can get the only Playbook you will ever need to ensure every future launch is a championship launch where you are sure to come out in first place.

American Football Stadium_edited.jpg
American Football Stadium_edited.jpg
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Launch Strategy & Goal Setting Workbook (Valued at $97)

The playbook: comprehensive launch outline (valued at $397)

Launch Equipment: Your Tech Stack (valued at $97)

Play Options: Comprehensive Launch Task List (valued at $297)

Roster Build: Build Your Launch Dream Team (valued at $197)

Content Playbook: A Launch Content Map (Valued at $97)


RECRUIT PLAN: Client Avatar Spreadsheet (Valued at $97)

The Dream Team Workout: who needs to do what and when (Valued at $97)

Recruit Marketing: Plug & Play Email Copy Templates (valued at $197) 

The Ads Playbook: Intro plans for Facebook Ads (Valued at $197)

Total Value = $1770

Today's Price = $497

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